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April 28, 2009


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This would be great to watch come together!


Thanks for the feedback. Keep checking in and I'll be making a start as soon as I can.


Hello. I am thinking seriously about building a Lumberyard Skiff. As a teenager (long time ago) I build a wooden Jon boat and helped my father build am 18 foot wooden ski boat into which we put an air-cooled, 6 cylinder Corvair engine with a homemade outdrive (Dad was a metals fabricator), and I worked as a residential rehab carpenter off and on in my 20s and early 30s. All this to say I'm not neither a rank beginner, nor an experienced boat builder, but I have enough experience to be "over confident".

I build two 1/12th scale models of an LY Skiff out of Luann plywood, and am thinking about taking the plunge and building one for real.

Is the blog for DIY LY Skiff builders, still up and running? If so, let me know what's going on.

Greenville, NC


Thanks for the note. This past year has been far busier than I would have liked and to top it off I have been sick for an extended period so the LYS took a something of a back seat. I plan on starting on construction soon so you have not missed anything. Keep checking back and I'll promise to get started just as soon as I am able.

I'm also interested in the experience of others with LYS construction.

I built the 16' LYS and love it. Very versatile and roomy. I put a console in it and hung a 35hp on the back. When I have the family and the beach gear that is not enough horsepower. I think a 50hp would be perfect.

Just wondering if this is still going to happen?

The project is on hold for a bit as I've had one or two family issues that have taken up rather a lot of my time.

Definitely interested in building a LYS. If you were able to do a video on your build some years ago it would be a helpful tutorial to have in the extreme likelihood that I am confronted with "problems" as I go forward.

My motivation is twofold: I am retired and have a marvelous grandson that has just become interested in fishing at the age of 11. With this boat we can get out on the water along with his physician dad (my youngest son), and his uncle (my eldest son).

Texas has numerous great lakes and the Gulf coast that offer superb fishing that would seem to be perfect to access in a well built LYS powered by a 25 HP outboard.


Thanks for the note, sadly I do not have any video of the build. What I will tell you is that if you have some basic woodworking knowledge you won't have any difficulty with this boat. One of the reasons it's called the Lumber Yard Skiff is that you can build it from materials bought from the local lumber store, not a specialist boats supply place. Having said that I would suggest building it with decent marine ply, it will last longer and you'll spend a lot less time in the finishing of the boat as you'll not have to fill a ton of voids and surface checking.
If you can build a shed you can build this boat. Please do let me know if you run up against a particular problem and I'll do my best to help you out.
Finally, I do hope that you are OK down in Texas and have not been impacted with the flooding.

Hi Mark . Can l buy the plans? l have built boats before and I like the look of that plan


The plans are available for $50 from Old Wharf Dory Co.
Here's the link

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