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May 24, 2009


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I have just received the new Honda BF 60 EFI engine to repower my older pontoon boat. When shifting into forward or reverse it shifts extremely hard and has a vibration - at first a severe one. I have owned many outboards and never had one shift this hard or vibrate this much going into forward or reverse gears. The Honda rep was less than helpful and argued that the RPMs should be set at 850 rather than 750. I am not pleased.


Sorry to hear about the problems with the new motor, you are the first person in a long time that has complained to me about problems with Honda engines. You say that the shifting is hard. You may have checked this of course but are the cables routed properly and well lubricated?
Also I can't offer any suggestions on the vibration issue except to say check the prop and all the mounting bolts. Remember too that the engine will take some time to wear in and settle down. Most Honda dealers are very good and stand behind their products well. If problems persist than maybe you could call Honda direct in GA.

I have about 60 hours on my BFP60 (high-thrust), and it's been great. No issues at all. I drive a 3-ton displacement boat with it, and cruise at hull speed of 7 knots. I get about 5 miles per gallon at that speed, running at 3100 RPM.

Honda shattered the engine myth when it combined high power, high responsiveness and high fuel economy into one functional engine design. Keep it up!

I am interested in buying a Honda 60 HP for a 17 aluminum boat. I will idle a lot of hours during trolling. Does the motor vibrate and is it loud at idle


Some people say that the engine vibrates a lot at idle speeds but in my opinion the Honda is better than many at slow revs. Where ii scores though is at higher revs, in the 2000 to 2500 range where it really smoothes out. However if you are going to do a lot of slow speed stuff then why not think about using a small electric outboard which weighes next to nothing and is both extremely quiet and smooth.

Just purchased the 60hp honda for 17' aluminum boat.. unbelievable performance.. quiet, no vibration and a lot of power.... like having a new boat.. so far, nothing but good things to say about the product

I was thinking about purchasing a big foot version of this motor for my 17 aluminum boat. The high thrust (big foot) version has an additional 5 amps of charging capacity. Is there a down side to having the high thrust on a light boat other than the additioanl 15 pounds of weight?

The extra 5 amps will make little to no difference. Either engine will charge your batteries perfectly well. You only get the extra 5 amps at peak output when the batteries are deeply discharged. Providing your batteries are in good condition either engine will be fine. Make sure that the weight of any engine foes not exceed the manufactures specs. An overweight motor could upset the stability of the boat.

I have 60 hours on my new Honda 60hp 4 stroke. Its been in the service department more than on the water. When running at 3000-4000 rpm it suddenly stops.The engine doesn't shut off but looses, then picks up again only to stop again. What could be the cause of this issue?


This sounds very much like a fuel issue. It's hard to be sure of course without seeing the engine but it may be a clogged fuel filter, either the one on the engine, or the primary filter which you have on the boat some place between the fuel tank and the engine. The other problem may be that the fuel hose is kinked or compressed restricting the fuel flow. It could also be as simple as a blocked fuel tank vent. If air can't get in then the puel pump is trying to suck agaist a vacuum. Are the fuel hoses ethanol rated? If the boat is old it could be that the fuel hose is breaking down from the inside out and black bit of hose are clogging the fuel system. Carefully check the entire fuel system as I am almost cetain that that is where the problem lies.

I bought a 16' smokercraft with a 2015 honda 60hp on it. we have tried 5 differnt props and it still wont hardly get up on a plane unless both people are up front then it goes 30mph at 5800 rpm also the hose flusher has never worked have to use the muffs on lower end. the boat is not overloaded almost bare bones in it but if 2 200lb people in boat and one in back and one driving it wont plane out untill i walk up to the front. it does idle fairly smooth and is very quiet and uses only a sip of gas. rather have my old 2 stroke that was really snappy, it had twice the power-- and use my 9.9 to troll with, dealer is all but useless except for offering me other props to try. wallygator

I have a new BF60 that has, what sounds like a singing bearing at about 4500 rpm. It has an almost ear piercing ring but only at about 4500 rpm under load. Any ideas?

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