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October 20, 2009


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Have a three year subscription for DIY Boat Owner magazine. Ever since Mad Mariner purchased the magazine I have yet to get an issue, the last one I recieved was issue #2 2010. What gives?

That's an interesting point. Mad Mariner seems to have ceased operations; originally the web site was closed down for what they said was a 'temporary technical reason' but it appears that this has since become permanant. Although I have no hard proof I think that the whole Mad Mariner empire has gone belly up. It may well have been a case of Glen Justice the owner tryiong to do too much too quickly. I wrote to him a couple of times in the past about a few ideas and I never heard back from him so not sure what you can do about the magazine subs, it's a shame though as the magazine was a good one I thought.

Does anyone know where I can get the back issues of DIY on CD or ??
[email protected]

It seems that Glen Justice who was running mad mariner and DIY has vanished without trace. There are a lot of folks who paid subscriptions only to loose their money it seems.

looking for a specific issue of diy 2002 #1 any ideas?

I may have this. I will see if I have a copy and let you know.

Can I get past issues on CD?

As far as I know you cannot get past issues now. Might I suggest you try posting on something such as the 'Cruisers Forum'

Did anyone find the back issues on DVD? I looking Too

I have 12 old issues of DIY Boat Owner-The Marine Maintenance Magazine that I no longer need. If anyone is interested, contact me at [email protected]. Willing to sell them very inexpensively plus postage.
I have
2002-#3 (two of them),
2003-#1, #2, #3,
2004-#1, #3, #4,
2005-#1, #2, #4,
2006-#2.....Read once, good condition, no tears, rips, etc. That's 12 issues for $10.00 plus postage. Let me know.

Dana Vincent,
do you still have the old issues of DIY Boat Owner?

Sadly no. they went some time ago.

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