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December 04, 2009


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The measurement methodology the EPA uses is flawed. It is biased toward a fuel that is less efficient but has less impact as a % on the environment. So you burn more fuel but as a % you put out less harmful (we can even argue about this measurement) stuff.

When are we going to refuse to accept bad science? The main problem I have is this bad science usually takes our eye off of real problems.

A good example is - recycle aluminum (one of the most common metals on the face of the earth that is not economical to recycle in most forms), we recycle glass (sand - need I say more), and we recycle plastic (breaks down over time - if you are located in the southern latitudes you can't argue this one), but we encourage the use of compact fluorescent lights that contain enough mercury that the EPA needs to be alerted if you break one.

Sorry about the soap box but the junk science is really getting on my nerves.

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