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January 14, 2010


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I am a retired engineer and looking at building a small boat as an engineering project. The two boats that I am considering are Golant Gaffer and Cape Henry 21. Golant Gaffer has a diesel which will also charge batteries but has an average cruising speed of 4.5 kts. Cape Henry 21 can reach 7 knots and is good in light and medium wind. she is also designed to use and outboard engine(prefer diesel). Golant Gaffer does a better job with the forward head (as in wife) and also looks great. I would keep the boat on a mooring. I want a mini cruiser with some navigation toys, solar for charging battery? (use to be a quatermaster in the USCG working on the bridge). I found your thoughts on Aviateur 5.70 interesting and would consider a modern design, but lean towards a reasonable fast mini cruising boat most likely moored in Boston harbor say sailing up to Gloucester, P town, Plymouth, Buzards Bay, Rhode Island.

Ray Burke

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