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April 05, 2010


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I just purchased sewable lexan and will be making a dodger out of it. I wonder if that is what this stuff is? The lexan is coated for outdoor use and is a fairly rigid material. Apparently it scratches easier than most of the material used for windows in canvas. I am not overly worried because I have designed my window to fold up into the bimini so I don't have to roll them up. I have always hated rolling up windows.

This is probably a vinyl product which come in normally a 12 or 20 gauge weight. I can't be sure of course without seeing it but if it is vinyl some form of protectant is a good idea as it can go a bit yellow after a time of being exposed to UV rays from the sun. The EZ2CY panels are very much of a heavier weight than vinyl and cannot be rolled but as you can see from the picture are far more optically perfect and that it why I like them so much. As curtains on the side of a down east style cruiser they would never need to be rolled up anyway which is both a blessing and a curse because if they ever are removed then they would have to be stored flat somewhere.

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