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May 10, 2010


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Mark, Will one of these BEP monitors fit into the BEP circuit-breaker panels? The blurb on the BEP websites says it can be panel or surface mounted, but that can be interpreted a few ways. (Wish BEP would put manuals and stuff otheir website...)

The BEP monitor is very good piece of kit but the manual is very badly written. It would appear that the systems monitor can only be panel mounted but even so it has a very low profile

I have just been advised by BEP that these are not designed to be retrofitted into existing BEP panels. Ludicrous!! Why don't they put out a fascia that would make the job a ten second one?!?! You can swap the analogue meters without a drama. Looks like I'm up for a lot of work to get a nice finish.

Installed one on my yacht, great gadget which will monitor every thing on board, get two and set one up as a mimic panel, so easy to use and calibrate.
excellent AA++

Hi Mark.... I hope you are still enjoying your BEP 600 after all this time.
Did you ever need technical support? I am unable to find anything useful on the web... perhaps you can direct me?
Or perhaps you have encountered the following:
1. Error message during diesel tank calibration. I managed to calibrate the port, starboard and forward water tanks. Then success calibrated the port diesel tank but got an error message halfway through the calibtation of the starboard tank ....it said something like "values out of range". Any ideas?
2. Amp Hrs decreasing with batteries fully charged. After many miles of motoring and sailing and "logical" battery levels and discharge info from the monitor, things suddenly changed. The Discharge rate remained around 25AH and the capacity continued to decrease (from the maximum of 830AH) to below 130AH, even through we were frantically running both the Yanmar diesel AND the Onan generator. I tried a monitor shutdown (pulled the fuse to restart the screen, but still no change. We powered off he Yanmar and restarted it, still no change. After arriving in port (in Vauatu) powering down the Vanmar and Onan, and 20 minutes of trying to connect shore power, the monitor jumped from 131 AH to 830AH before I connected the shore power. All the time the batteries were showing the normal phases including absorption so I think the batteries are ok.
Any help or direction would really be appreciated .... Unfortunately technical skill is a bit thin here in Vanuatu, Solomons and New Guinea!


Thanks for the comment and your exasperating problems that you're are having with your monitor. I have had few problems mine. After giving your problem some head scratching I think that I have an answer for you. I played around with my monitor and I too was able to replicate a similar problem to yours. It seems that if the connections to the shunts are not of the best then you will get weird readings. Make sure that the twisted pairs that go to the shunts are in really good condition, the connections need to be perfect. Also, these twisted pairs are very susceptible to interference – are they near the battery charger, an alternator or other source of magnetic interference. I'm sure that your batteries are being charged OK and the problem is in these monitor wires that run from the shunts to the gauge and that's where I would focus my attention.

Thought I would mention that there is an updated firmware available for this device. It's available at http://www.bepmarine.com/en/80-600-0021-00 and is dated 20140724.

Thanks David,
I'll download it and update the device.

Hi, we have lost the tank readings for water and diesel on our monitor. The calibration settings are still in the system and but the reading display is not accurate. This happened after the house batteries got very low due to the power being switched off by a tradesman. Other display settings have not been affected. Can you suggest how we can fix this please. Thanks for your help, Shaz

Hi, I had the same issue some time back. What worked for me was turning off all the power at the breaker then holding down the power key on the display while flipping the breaker back on. Keep holding the key on the unit until it resets.

Hi Mark. Yes the manual is lacking a lot in the wiring section.It basically only tells where to put the shunt wires. On my previous panel I had a wire to show alternator charge. Is this irrelevant now. Oh and I fitted mine to the existing panel. A bit tricky but done

Rob here again Mark. I have an existing shunt between the alternator input and the VSR solenoid input.
Hope you can help. Cheers


I'll need to do a bit of research on this. Let me check out my installation and I'll post an update.

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