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June 09, 2010


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Mark - you stated "It also saddens me that as soon as all that oil hits the gulf stream as it is sure to do all the beaches from Florida to Maine and beyond will have oil on them."

Light sweet crude evaporates fairly quickly - hence the smell. Also, the oil will collect into tar balls. You find these on beaches all over the world because of natural release of oil from the bottom of the ocean. They look like a little rock.

BP / our government should have been giving the slick something to stick to.

Us, the public, just learned from BBC that the amount of oil spilling is 6 to 10 times more than what BP, (spit), and the U.S. government has been telling us.

I am going on a limb here by saying the Gulf will be shut down for a decade at least. The folks that made a living from the sea are done for.

We the public are just not getting the magnitude of this disaster. I know this is very bad but I think I'm missing out on how bad this really is.


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