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July 21, 2010


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What about putting a sea cock in a waterproof locker that goes above the waterline. If something happens to the sea cock the water would only enter to the waterline in the locker. I like the sea chest idea and have a small one on my boat for the small stuff. Not sure about sharing it with the engine as it might suck water out of some of the other systems and give air a chance to enter the engine intake.

I really like the idea of the seachest coming above the waterline so you can clean it while the boat is in the water. Why is there a garboard drain plug in the top? To let air out?
I'm not thrilled by the thru-hulls and ball valves. Unsupported thru-hulls can break. I'd rather see proper flanged sea cocks.

Gussets would be nice; not sure what else is sharing that space but the whole affair looks as though it could be broken off the hull pretty easily.

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