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May 02, 2011


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I haven't tried a forstner bit on the boat yet, being a big fan of hole saws. I'll have to add a select few to my bag...

I did want to share a handy tip that I learned from a friend. Used when you need to enlarge an existing hole with a hole saw I've used this technique on the wire port in an aluminum radar arch and for making enlarged component holes in a fiberglass dash.

Using a hole saw of the proper size cut a hole in a piece of plywood (I've also used 2x4 stock). This is now your guide/template. Secure the template in position (screw it down, clamp it, whatever works for the situation) and using the same saw and some care you can cut your new hole without needing to rely on the pilot bit. This has saved me from a great deal of aggravation and sanding with a dremel tool!

I only own one Forstner bit so I often have to make do with spade bits. One trick I've learned is to just drill through until the pointy thing on the spade bit breaks through, then flip the piece over and finish the hole from the other side. The result is a nice clean hole.

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