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May 06, 2011


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You just had to mention the smell of old boat shops! Growing up in the fifties I spent a lot of time playing in my families marine store. I loved the smell. It was some time before I realized that the smell was from the pine tar in the oakum we sold. I've often thought of putting oakum in the air conditioner ducts of our current store. We sold bags of red lead powder that I think you mixed with linseed oil to use as a primer.

When i was young my father taught me the wooden boat building trade. We always used red lead paint for anything metal in the bilges. The effects of the lead on my brain was probably i was crazy enough to follow in his footsteps.

Now at 66 years old and long retired from the trade i was seeking a source of the stuff for my personal sailboat project. To read about the sound# and smells of the old school boat shop bought back a flood memories from my youth.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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