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September 17, 2011


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Hi Mark, How come safety wire instead of a cotter pin through the prop nut?


When the shaft and prop was delivered to me it was wrong and there should have either been a castelated nut or a half nut and full not. Frankly all props push themselves onto the taper so hard with use that you need a prop puller to get them off again anyway and although I would not advising it you could probably motor thousands of miles without a prop nut at all.
So the short answer is that the manufacturer that made the shaft for me did not do what I asked or what is common practice. All this from a well known manufacturer of shafts and running gear.

It looks like your prop had quite a few barnacles at some point.

Is it OK to paint the prop AND the shaft with anti-fouling bottom paint, and if so, is this effective. I think my boat has alot of barnacles on both my prop and shaft, but right now the water is murky and chilly so I won't be goin' down to have a closer look!

I do not advise painting the prop and shaft with copper based paint. If you do you are effectively creating a recipe of galvanic corrosion between the copper in the paint and the SS shaft. A far better method is to use a product such as prop speed which although expensive seems to work very well and will not give problems with corrosion.

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