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March 28, 2012


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Hi Mark

I am trying to educate myself on the application procedure of Linseed Oil and paraffin wax coating on the weather deck to preserve the teak deck. Would you kindly list out the deck preparations required before commencing the application. Secondly I would also like to know if there are any standard procedures (like industrial standards) and any references to these standards


Thanks for the comment but I question why you would want to put any oil on the deck. The best thing would be teak oil if any, linseed oil will not dry and it will promote mold and will be sticky in hot weather, in addition to making the teak go black. The great thing about teak is that you do not have to coat it with anything, the natural oils in the timber protect he decking as I mentioned in the story. In short I strongly caution you against using any sort of oil on your deck. As long as the wood is in good condition I would just leave it to weather naturally. There are decks that are 100 years old and still in good shape which have never been oiled. The other thing is that once you start oiling deck you will have to keep doing it thus giving yourself annual if not twice yearly uneccesary work.

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