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July 25, 2012


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Another simple solution is a garden sprayer. Heat a kettle of water, add it to the cold water in the sprayer and pump it up. Works great indoors or outdoors.

I refer to your comment about it being needed to be vented to the outside. I installed one on my boat in a locker with it vented down to the bilge, just because of the potential for a small amount of condensation. What about the CO2 and exhaust heat you might ask.
After seeing a number of these installed by boat builders in New Zealand, and questioning them on the venting, they had this to say.
"These devices are no worse, and in fact usually consume less BTU's than the average Oven with 3 ring burners installed in most boats. You don't exhaust your cooking stove to the outside, why should these be any different."
Most of the unit's I saw installed in new boat's had them installed in the galley, on a wall, and vented inside the galley with a small deflector plate on the exhaust to prevent heating the ceiling.
The boat builder's take on the need to vent to the outside was the manufacturer just trying to cover their "rear". Usual sensible installation procedures apply and don't use in a small confined space for a long time. CO2 from the stove and these instant water heaters disperse quickly in an open boat. Install a CO2 monitor and see for yourself.
Mine has a 1.3 meter flexible metal ventilation hose from the unit to the bilge. I can hold my hand quite comfortably at the end of the hose. Most of the heat is dissipated from the hose itself. Of course mine is plumbed to the HW on the boat and an aft, outside shower arrangement.

Wow! That's new to me.

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