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September 21, 2012


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Good article Mark. I would stress to everyone to spend a little extra and get a reliable decent contractor to do the work. There has been quite a few fly by night one man bands setting up with minimal training and virtually no experience trying to make an easy buck off shrink wrappping. Shrink wrapping is invaluable when done well as you mention but when done badly can be costly. Mainly with the increasingly aggressive seasonal winds we are getting and snow a poor shrink wrap will not stand up and will tear off. I saw a lot of damage last year to boats that had been wrapped badly, if the shrink tears and wind can get in it effectively turns into a large kite and puts great strain on the stantions which will bend under enough strain. Paint work can also be damaged if a timber frame has been used that is too weak, therefore again another reason to get a contractor in that know what they are doing!

It is also worth noting that boats can also be shrink-wrapped whilst in the water, so if you are leaving your boat in the water but still want winter protection it is possible.

My advice therefore to any one shrink wrapping their boat is DO NOT go cheap and only do it yourself if you are confident with your knowhow. One such well established fully insured contractor who have the experience to undertake all of the above work is Shrink Wrap UK. They can be found online ( www.shrinkwrapuk.com ) where you can get information on them and see a lot of the work they have undertaken.

Hope my comments are useful for all readers!

Thanks for the comment. I have seen a lot of paintwork that has been ruined by the shrink wrapping not being done well and being run down to the waterline. As I mentioned if this happens the Awlgrip which is the most popular paint finish will be lifted off the topsides.

Is shrink wrapping a boat not dangerous? Well I guess it depends on how it's been wrapped. Just be safe coz plastic is highly combustible.

Interesting article. I let my boat get shrink wrapped every year and I think this is the best way to protect your boat against the weather, animals and theft.

nice article. complete guidance mentioned in it. thank you for sharing with us.

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