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October 08, 2013


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I have a J/29 with just enough battery to run the instruments and the nav lights (all LED). For beer cans navigation isn't an issue, but on the bay races we find our Garmin 600 Montana painful to use. The menu system is rather convoluted, thus difficult to learn. And the screen is so small.

I was thinking of an iPad using the any one of the apps you have mentioned. And the waterproof case you recommended on Spin Sheet as well.

I do not currently have an iPad, but I'm willing to invest in one if it makes it easier for more than one person on the boat to figure out where we are, and where we should be going. And yes, I always have paper charts on board.

Here are some questions which I hope you can find the time to answer:

1. Do you think the apps would be easier to learn by a "beginner"? Not for myself (because I'm a bloody genius) of course, but in terms of a relatively shallow learning curve.

2. Being a true touch screen, would the apps be easier to manipulate in terms of scrolling, etc.

3. Could you estimate what kind of battery life one could expect whilst running any one of the apps?

Your article above is really informative, and (IMHO) well written. I'm jealous.

Thank you for your time.

- Bob Dymond


Just got my hands on an Android tablet and tests have started. I'll post something up here on the blog in a day or two with my thoughts, and a few photos.

Many thanks for your discussion regards iPad as a chart plotter. I am a self confessed idiot when it comes to the computer....but I have now bought a iPad so I am halfway there..so thanks
Dennis...Fremantle Western Australia

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