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August 15, 2014


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I too bought and installed a Raritan Elegance toilet, along with the smart panel. This was back in April of 2009. I'm a woman living aboard and so the toilet gets a lot of use, every day. This toilet is superb. It's full size, indestructible, and has never let me down. I had a great experience with the Raritan folks as well. And it was easy to install.

Nicely done, Mark. Beautiful installation. From where did you source your fresh water for flushing? I plumbed our toilet to draw water from the lavatory drain. Also, how much water does it use per flush?


As you can see from the picture I used a PEX style tee and spliced into the cold water feed to the vanity basin which is very close to the toilet. What you can't see is the stop valve I also installed so I can isolate the water supply to the head if needs be. As to the water consumption this is quite small. With the computer control you can set the amount of water used for flushing but I found the factory defaults work well for me so I did not alter them. The beauty of the computer control is that you essentially have two types of flush, one for number 1's and a longer flush for number 2's which uses more water. Even for the big flush it's no more than a couple of pints. We have 110 gallon fresh water tank and we honestly do not notice Ny appreciable difference now we are drawing water off for the toilet

I'm planning on a similar installation but I'm stuck on tee-ing into the fresh water system. I also have PEX (15mm). I saw your photo of the tee fitting. Did you then connect PEX to the head? I've only seen heads requiring standard 1/2 inch I.D. intake lines. And I haven't been able to find a fitting going from PEX to standard 1/2 inch hose...


What I did, but is not shown in the pictures was to connect a short length of copper pipe from the TEE to a stop tap, so that I can shut off the water to the toilet should I require it. I then connected another length of copper pipe three inches long on the other side of the stop tap and from there I slipped over a length of plastic water hose, double clamped it and then from there ran it to the toilet.

I am deciding to purchase either the Raritan Marine Elegance Electric Marine Toilet or the Thetford Easy Fit. Both seem pretty similar. I am wondering if either model requires a pump for the fresh water feed or if gravity feed from a separate (10 gallon Moeller) tank mounted about 4 feet higher in a cabinet would suffice. I'm trying to avoid having to have my main fresh water pressure system on if only toilet (head) use is needed. Any advice on this would be helpful.


Rita and I love the Elegance, it's a great toilet. As I mentioned in the story you can change the program to suit your preference but the toilet uses only about a pint per flush so your 10-gallon tank will have plenty of capacity! Seriously, the installation you propose will be fine so the four feet of head will give more than enough pressure.

Sometimes time will help tell. After installation, it's interesting to see how things work out after entropy has its way.

We own a sailboat that is bareboat charter service in San Juan/BC waters, in use by guests for 12-18 weeks per year, some of these outings w/crew of up to 8, rarely ever fewer than 4. Charters run from 1 to 4 weeks each.

Work out the numbers and this turns out to be hard service for any toilet.

Almost goes without saying, many of our charter guests don't know much about special toilet operations. Who should, really?

Zero clogs and zero repairs required after who knows how many flushes. Both toilets operate exactly as they did when installed.

For my part, given my daily back pain budget I'd rather spend it grinding than pumping.

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