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March 15, 2017


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If I may add something............
Decades ago, my first trip to Maine on my Stonehorse, my only electronics was a digital DS and a stereo. No VHF. Everything was dead reckoning. Left Boothbay for Monhegan, under sail in pea soup. (You know, when you're young, you can do anything!) Buoy to buoy, the last being a bell. Nearly got run down by a fast running Concordia yawl on a broad reach; then a small outboard screaming along. I learned a BIG lesson: In fog, sound buoys are Grand Central Station! Everyone uses them as a taking-off point, or an arrival point. Lots of traffic in the neighborhood.
Things may have changed in this electronic age. But I still UP my alertness near sound producing ATONs.


Thanks for the note. I think you and I have a lot in common – we've both had the hair on the backs' of our necks stick up a few more times that we would have liked.

Mark.Is that photo above your fog article of Blakeney,Norfolk?

No, not mine. It was taken by a friend.

First rule of navigation in fog for non-professional mariners (me): "don't." What emergency is worth the risk? That's the minimum cause for bending or breaking the rule.

Another tip for the excellent points above: All (I think) radar apparatus available for small craft can now perform MARPA functions if the necessary ancillary inputs are available to the radar. Practice with it frequently, in clear weather, thereby developing a "mind's eye" picture of what the CPA is telling you when you can't actually see a vessel selected as a MARPA target.


Thanks for the comment but we can't always avoid fog. Sometimes it comes up on us and we have no option but to keep going and navigate through it. As I mentioned, modern nav aids are great but they are just that, aids. The best collision avoidance tools are eyes, ears and common sense.

It sounds as though one would be in safe hands on board with Mark.

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